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A kitesurfing trip to Kenya

WoW. It’s the first word that comes to mind when I think back to the past 9 days I spent in Watamu, Kenya.

Everything started in December 2022, I was sitting at the table with Carlo and Ricca, the PKS bosses, and we were debating whether or not to organize a Kite master in January 2023. It would have been last minute, we were unsure if we could find enough people to go and if we could get the quality we wanted.

In less than a month we managed to find a group of 11 crazy people willing to follow us to Kenya and so we went!

Let me tell you this: it was spectacular!  9 days in a kitesurfing dreamland!

It was so great I took the twin-tip again and had a blast….for the ones who don’t know me, I’m a strapless big fan but here I’ll leave a very rare pic of me with the twin-tip eheheh (apologies for the terrible resolution)

What’s a kite master? 

A holiday where you travel to an amazing kitesurfing spot and you do a full immersion in kitesurfing.

Every day you have a lesson with a dedicated instructor, depending on your level you can start from zero or you can improve your kiting skills like riding, upwind, jibes, and basic jumps to loops. The Kite master is really for every type of kiter or kiter wannabe 🙂

Since 2016 the guys have been traveling around the world to the most amazing spots like Los Roques Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, Portugal, and Madagascar …  Bottom line, a genius concept if you would like to combine kitesurfing progression with traveling to amazing places. 

So the journey begins!!!

We flew with Ethiopian Airlines from Milan and Rome to Addis Abeba, then with a connecting flight to Mombasa. Once we arrived to Mombasa our bus was ready for the last part of the trip direction Watamu!

By stepping outside the airplane we immediately felt the temperature difference, we went from -4 to +31 and it is quite a nice feeling hehe 

We packed all the bags on the bus rooftop and we were ready to go to Watamu….we were convinced that we would have lost half of the bags but it was not like this 😛

The drive was long but the view was quite nice. We got to see the city and then the countryside: gigantic trees, palm trees everywhere, and schools where the kids were in uniform playing. The warm colors of Africa were welcoming us!

The house!

After a 4-hour drive, very long… but worth it! We arrive at the house, this huge villa with a swimming pool, and our personal chef Steven who greets us with an aperitivo and a nice homemade pasta. We could not resist and the first thing we did was dive into the warm water of the swimming pool and drank a beer 🙂 what a life!

The house is fully Kenyan style and it’s quite beautiful.

Time to discover the kitesurfing spot!

The next day we were all ready for the first kite session, so we took the tuk-tuk and went to the school that hosted us @jcschool.

When we arrive there we see a mind-blowing scenario: a nice and warm 20 knots blowing over a flat crystal clear water and the lesson spot was on a white sand band in the middle of the sea. WHAT THE FRRRRIIIIIIIIK

I was used to Careabbian spots but this was another level of coolness. 

Just think about the fact that the sand is soooo white that even under the 31-degree African sun it never burns.  

I mean I could try to explain the beauty but it’s going to be impossible so here a pic:

JC Kite School

Jacopo, Fede, and the other guys were amazing and welcoming!

We had a corner reserved for us where to leave all our staff. And a next-level service: the beach boys at the school set up your equipment while you get ready so you just need to worry about the sunscreen 🙂

You can find out more about the school here > JC Kite School

Every day we had this amazing 18-20 knots stable warm wind. We were teaching and kiting with swimming suits and rashguards. A very good water-resistant sunscreen is necessary. 

We would arrive at 10-11h in the morning, take a break and eat fresh local fruits prepared by the guys on the beach, drink coconut water, and start again. 

On the first two days, I think the group kited for at least 5 hours each day eheheh then they were destroyed!

We had 3 types of students:

  1. Beginners from zero which in 4 hours they were already trying the water start
  2. Intermediate who wanted to finally ride upwind, do transitions, jibes, and toeside riding
  3. Advanced riders who wanted to improve jump height, backroll front rolls, and other tricks

The conditions were so amazing that the progression of the group was exponential: the beginner in 4 hours was at the water start, the intermediate was already upwind riding and doing transitions on the second day and the advanced riders were having a blast! All surrounded by an incredible scenario, which I might have not described properly: shiny white flour sand, flat crystal clear water, warm constant wind like a hairdryer.

At the house Steven the chef was delighting us in the morning with a continental breakfast and at dinner time with incredible dishes, local seafood, and a lobster night! Like to be in a 5-star hotel!

One day we did a downwind from Jacaranda to Watamu. It’s quite short, 15km, but fun. Aaaaand if I thought Watamu was breathtaking Jacaranda was next level. In low tide, the white sand bands extended for kilometers and the sea was like a swimming pool. Nothing to complain really. 

During our stay, a part of the group went to do a Safari just look at the pics…

I went diving and saw an incredibly alive reef with a thousand different colorful fishes, gigantic octopuses, and lobsters. So if you like the underwater world it’s nice for this as well!

Watamu in general is a very chilled place with very nice bars and lounges where to watch the breathtaking African sunsets. Attaching a couple of pics here so that you believe me 😛

It was just a dream kite trip. If you have the chance, go for a month and you won’t regret it 🙂

Here I’ll leave the nice video di Patrick Giuliana summarizing the amazing 9 days we spent in Watamu!

So I’m excited because we have a quite cool agenda for Kite Masters:

  • 12th to 26th March in Dakhla, Morocco
  • 22nd 29th of April in Tenerife
  • 27th May to 3rd of June in Tenerife
  • October in Mauritius
  • November in Cape Town
  • aaaand back in Keny Jan 2024 <3

We’ll keep you posted here pks_iko_center or

Can’t wait for these next trips and if you want to participate let me know!

Ciao ciao


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